Understanding the Basics of Louisiana License Plates

Your Comprehensive Guide to Louisiana License Plate Features, Codes, and Options

Welcome to your deep dive into the basics of Louisiana license plates. Whether you're new to the state, a lifelong resident, or simply seeking information, we've got you covered. Learn about the features, codes, and options of Louisiana license plates, and make the roads your canvas.

Physical Features and Dimensions

Louisiana license plates adhere to standard North American dimensions, and are made with weather-resistant, reflective material for better visibility.

Unique License Plate Codes

Each Louisiana license plate comes with a unique combination of letters and numbers, also known as license plate codes. These codes help in distinguishing each vehicle and play a crucial role in our Louisiana license plate lookup tool.

New Louisiana License Plates and Design Changes

Experience the history and culture of Louisiana through its license plate designs. We explore the changes in new Louisiana license plate designs over the years, reflecting the rich heritage and diverse ecology of the state.

Louisiana License Plate Options

From standard to personalized or custom license plates, Louisiana offers a plethora of options to its residents. Discover the variety and learn how to obtain or renew your preferred license plate in Louisiana.

Legal Aspects and Penalties

Stay informed and within the law. Understand the penalties for not turning in a license plate in Louisiana and learn the legal requirements for maintaining, renewing, and cancelling Louisiana license plates.