Renewing Your Louisiana License Plate

Navigate Your License Plate Renewal Process Smoothly

Renewing your Louisiana license plate is an important responsibility. Whether it's your first time renewing or you just need a refresher, this guide will walk you through the process to ensure a seamless renewal.

When to Renew

Usually, the Louisiana DMV will send a renewal notice before your license plate's expiration date. It's crucial to renew your license plate on time to avoid penalties.

How to Renew

You have several convenient options for renewing your Louisiana license plate:

  • Online: Use the Louisiana DMV's online portal for a quick and convenient renewal process.
  • By Mail: Follow the instructions provided in your renewal notice.
  • In Person: Visit your local Louisiana DMV office and remember to bring your renewal notice and required documents.

Ensure your peace of mind on Louisiana roads by keeping your license plate renewed and updated. For more detailed information or further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our FAQ page.