Types of Louisiana License Plates

Your Guide to Various License Plate Options in Louisiana

Dive into the diverse world of Louisiana license plates. From standard plates to personalized and custom ones, understand the variety of options available to you as a Louisiana vehicle owner.

Standard Louisiana License Plates

Standard Louisiana license plates feature a unique combination of numbers and letters. These are assigned by the Louisiana DMV and are the default plates provided when you register a new vehicle.

Personalized and Custom Louisiana License Plates

For a unique touch, consider a personalized or custom license plate. These plates allow for a custom number or message of your choosing, pending Louisiana DMV approval. Explore the process of obtaining such plates and expressing your style on the road.

Specialty Louisiana License Plates

Louisiana offers a variety of specialty plates, including those representing universities, military service, non-profit organizations, and more. Discover these unique options and show your support or affiliations with pride.