Custom License Plates in Louisiana

Personalize Your Louisiana License Plate

Want to add a personal touch to your vehicle? A custom license plate might be the perfect way to express yourself on the road. Let's explore your options for Louisiana custom license plates and learn how to apply.

Options for Custom Plates

Louisiana offers a wide range of personalized and specialty license plates. You can choose a plate that represents your profession, a cause you care about, your alma mater, or a fun personal message.

How to Apply

To apply for a custom Louisiana license plate, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Louisiana DMV website or your local office.
  • Choose your preferred custom plate design and check its availability.
  • Submit the completed application form with the required documents and fees.

Get ready to hit the road with a license plate that's uniquely yours. For more details about Louisiana custom license plates or any further assistance, please contact us or check out our FAQ page.